Tia: « A certain idea
of the blues »

It is done. The Cognac Blues Passions festival won’t be able to say it any more. What? That a womand has never won their prestigious Award. Tia, last year, dazzled everybody. The resultat? The Clermont-Ferrand native, who has been living in Lille for the past five years, will perform on July 6 on the big stage, opening for… Ben Harper. It is « awesome! » A « gift from heaven », she says ina big smile.

Julien Dodon, for La Montagne, followed Tia & The Patient Wolves’ two day residence at the Coopérative de Mai, in Clermont-Ferrand, as they were preparing the show for the Cognac Blues Passions festival, after Tia won the Blues Passions Award last year.